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Brand Matter: How DAM + Healthcare Changed the Game on Cancer

Zach Weismann lost his mother to cancer in the fall of 2014. Six months later he and his brother Bradley founded CancerQ. The goal? A platform that gives people access to timely, trustworthy information, and one place to store the digital assets that accompany the fight against cancer. We caught up with Zach to chat about his inspiration for CancerQ, whether a tech company can really help cure cancer, and how Brandfolder has been a partner (and CancerQ’s DAM platform) through it all.

First of all, thanks for being an early adopter of Brandfolder, Zach!

Of course! Before starting CancerQ, I worked for a sustainability media company. In 2013, we bought a Brandfolder so that we could keep our brand cohesive while licencing it globally. I think what I appreciated most about the platform was the fact that with one upload, I could share curated brand assets with our partners based in 10 countries around the world — it was so simple. That usability really stuck with me when my mother started her battle with cancer.

What was the inspiration behind CancerQ?

Losing my mother to cancer in 2014 was the catalyst. When you go through cancer with someone, you come out on the other side looking at life through a different lens. My mother was diagnosed and I immediately became a caregiver. While trying to manage work, I would also have to comb through text messages from my Dad, notes from doctors, and an already overwhelmed inbox trying to get my bearings and decipher what needed to happen next. I began to wish for a Brandfolder-type tool that would organize all of those digital assets. No one else was doing it, so in 2015 my brother and I created CancerQ.

How does the cancer community underestimate digital assets?

Before you or someone you love has cancer, you think the resources are everywhere. Once you go through the system, you have that “uh-oh” moment when you realize your doctor’s are seeing 50 other patients and hospitals aren’t truly sharing information (even if they’re using the same software platforms). It can feel impossible to get on top of it all. I couldn’t wrap my head around the fact that I could open my phone and see a photo of myself tagged from nine years ago, but a form my mother needed for chemo was nearly impossible to track down.

Tell us about your new CancerQ Dashboard.

It works a lot like a Brandfolder! I went back to the time during my mother’s battle when I wished for a Brandfolder-esque way to house all of her assets. With the CancerQ dashboard, you can upload notes, tag assets to keep them searchable, and share information really easily. In addition to the dashboard, we also have curated resources for people at every stage of their cancer journey.

How has Brandfolder impacted CancerQ’s work?

Brandfolder showed me the kind of software that could have made a difficult time a little easier. It was part of the inspiration behind launching CancerQ and it’s a platform we’re proud to use today. Credibility is huge when you’re trying to make a name for yourself in the healthcare industry. Having a CancerQ Brandfolder allows us to present a cohesive, professional image to our partners, especially hospitals and healthcare providers.

What’s the future of CancerQ?

We want to change the way cancer content is accessed. Our goal is to take it outside of the stock photo box and foster a more meaningful dialogue with the cancer community. A big way we’ll do that is through partnership opportunities. Brandfolder is a powerful tool with which to spread that awareness and highlight our wonderful brand, work, and resources.

What do you think? Can B2B / B2C software really help cure cancer?

There’s a huge value in employee wellness. Currently, cancer will affect one in three women and one in two men (American Cancer Society). If you’re a business, it’s something you should be aware of, especially with healthcare costs rising. I’d love to create a co-branded CancerQ/Brandfolder dashboard that companies can tap into for their employees. I don’t know about software finding a cure, but we can support our loved ones and customers with a product that frees up a little extra time when every moment is especially precious.

CancerQ makes it easy to access valuable, highly-curated resources when faced with cancer. Every product we create is designed to help save you time, energy, and resources when facing cancer. Learn more about CancerQ, and how you can help, here.

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