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Essential Insights for Better Brand Management [New Report]

“How can I achieve better brand management?”

“What will save me time when sharing photos and videos with my marketing team?”

“Where can I define brand guidelines for the press?”

“Will a digital asset management tool help me solve these problems?”

If you’re in a marketing or branding field, you’ve probably heard a few of these questions lately (if you haven’t asked them yourself).

That’s because Digital Asset Management (DAM) tools are becoming increasingly essential for brand marketing teams of all sizes.

In an attempt to help you answer these questions (and to understand them better ourselves), we’ve just released the 2015 State of Digital Asset Management Study.

Download the State of Digital Asset Management report

This study is based on a survey of 255 marketers and creatives working at SMB and enterprise organizations. By gathering this data from a wide range of brands across the globe, we’ve discovered the key challenges marketers face. We’re also equipped with a stronger understanding of how DAM tools help marketers achieve better brand management.

State of DAM Report Findings

74 percent of respondents said they rely on basic cloud storage solutions to manage important assets, while 35 percent of respondents use desktop files to store their brand.

These solutions aren’t designed for efficient searching and sharing. Therefore, marketers who rely on these platforms as brand management tools often spend a significant amount of time searching for assets.

Additionally, 30 percent of respondents (who don’t use a DAM tool) agreed that it takes 15 minutes or more to find a single asset. When you calculate that time annually, marketers and creatives spend a whopping 62.5 hours per year searching for brand assets.

Searching for brand assets without a DAM tool is extremely time consuming, but how many marketers use a DAM tool? The answer is explained in the full DAM report, along with other insightful findings, such as:

  • The top 5 challenges today’s brand marketers face
  • The surprising ways marketers locate important logos and creative documents
  • The most valuable benefits of Digital Asset Management

Want more insights on how to achieve better brand management? Download the full digital asset management Report.