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5 DAM Problems With Easy Solutions

DAM problems – we’ve all got them. From searching for lost logos to dealing with slow asset turnaround times, digital asset management (DAM) causes headaches for nearly every department in an organization.

Luckily, we don’t have to put up with our DAM problems forever. Here are the top 5 digital asset management problems with easy solutions.

1. Brand asset usage is a free-for-all.

Without a digital asset management solution, the creative team loses power and cannot control the asset once it is distributed. But in order to stay nimble and keep up with the speed of the internet, we have to give teams access to assets and trust they will be used correctly.

How can we turn over brand assets and still have some control over their use?

If you want to break down silos and give teams the freedom to use brand assets, you have to be incredibly organized and establish appropriate workflows. DAM solutions allow creative teams to control who can access certain assets, and create workflows for efficient editing and approval processes.

So, if the sales team needs to resize a presentation template or marketing needs approval to use a product shot, the creative team can easily manage these requests in their DAM solution. This reduces strain on creative resources, allows for quick turnaround times, and keeps brand assets under control.

2. No way to monitor assets.

Your brand assets are out there, but how do you know who’s using them and how they are being used? Digital asset management solutions offer analytics to help you track and monitor your brand assets. Some solutions offer Google Analytics integration (full disclosure: we do this) and a simple overview of your DAM account activity (we do this, too!).

This way, you’ll know if the PR team downloaded your new logos or which sales deck is being used the most. This gives the marketing teams insight into which assets are the most valuable – data and tracking helps you build a stronger brand.

3. Brand inconsistency.

Marketers work hard to create brand consistency across channels. When the wrong assets are used it inhibits brand growth and awareness. I’m a marketer and I can’t tell you how bummed out I get when I see the wrong logo or old messaging being used on branded content.

But I get it – it’s hard to communicate these changes to every team member and ensure old assets aren’t floating around in random files.

Research shows that businesses with well-managed, consistent brands are worth up to 20% more than those who aren’t. DAM solutions allow assets to be distributed to teams so they can be used in the right way at the right time.

Digital asset management solutions give teams access to one, single repository so it’s easy to communicate changes to the entire team and ensure they are using the right assets. All you have to do is simply update the assets in the DAM solution.

No more emailing new assets and crossing your fingers that the old ones get discarded — you have total control over which assets teams can access.

4. Finding assets wastes time.

Whether you work in marketing or sales, or for a startup or big brand, this is something we can all relate to. Emailing creative for assets or digging through old files is a major time suck. Not only does this waste your time, but it also interrupts other teams and inhibits efficient workflow.

It’s estimated that employees spend an hour each week searching for assets. If just 10 employees do this, that’s 3.25 months each year being wasted on looking through files!

DAM solutions make it simple and easy to find, manage and share assets. Everything is stored in one place and optimized for quick search. File types are grouped together, so assets like logos, sales sheets, presentations and product shots are all grouped together.

And if your DAM solution is designed as a visual platform (surprise: Brandfolder is!), it’s even easier to see which assets are where.

5. Recreating assets over and over again.

Did you know the average cost of replacing a single digital asset is $1,000? How many assets have you lost? How many has your department lost? How about the entire company?

Implementing a DAM solution is one of the easiest ways to improve a leaky budget. Brand assets stay secure and organized – no more wasting money recreating lost assets. When you have an organized arsenal of assets, it’s also easier to repurpose assets or revive old campaigns.

The bottom line.

Digital asset management is a crucial component of an organization’s marketing strategy. Companies that invest in DAM solutions empower their teams to collaborate and build stronger brands.

A strong brand can command a premium, stand out from the crowd and create a lasting connection with customers. Recognizing your DAM problems and implementing solutions allows you to realize the full value of your brand.

Are you ready to solve your DAM problems? Find out how Brandfolder makes digital asset management so simple and easy you can’t imagine doing it any other way.

Morgan Quinn is a recovering lifestyle blogger and the Digital Content Manager for Brandfolder, a simple and easy tool for managing digital brand assets. She has created content for brands like, Quicken, Ugg Australia, and Martha Stewart. She threw in the towel on Twitter, so follow her on LinkedIn instead.