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Finding Your Digital Sweet Spot

From ever-shifting priorities to a remote workforce, going to market is increasingly complicated in this day and age. Digital presence matters more than ever, and in order to deliver quality content efficiently, brands must:

  1. align their campaign and brand strategy,
  2. streamline their content distribution, and
  3. collaborate clearly.

Doing this in a way that feels genuine and authentic to your brand is an art form. Consumers can quickly sniff out when messaging feels inconsistent, making it easier to lose their loyalty and trust. And to top it off, executing on a consistent marketing strategy is far from easy, especially when teams are distributed across time zones.

But as we do, marketers need to persevere, find new ways to think, communicate and get more efficient. Recently, a couple of our own marketers, demand generation guru Leya Kritz and content enthusiast Ryne Knudson, were invited to speak at the 2021 MarTech Conference about finding your digital sweet spot. If you missed the webinar, here’s some highlights:

Ready to watch the on-demand version? Find it here!

The Digital Disconnect

The greatest tool for branding is your digital presence. Today’s customers are smart — they’re self-educators. They’re searching online, talking to their peers, reading reviews and evaluating brands before they reach out. Your digital presence meets customers at all those touchpoints. Even minor breadcrumbs get picked up, and they leave impressions you may not be aware of.

Building as One Brand

To reach your marketing goals, you need to align your campaigns with your brand strategy. The top of the funnel is increasingly important, and brands need to develop messaging that creates trust and value to resonate in the marketplace today. The first step is gaining a clear understanding of your audience so you can design campaigns around their needs and pain points to connect on an emotional level.

The Impact of Content Chaos

With an abundance of messaging being created, it’s easy to see how content can turn into clutter. In fact, 60% of content created by the world's leading brands ends up having little impact on consumers’ lives or on business results because it gets lost in the chaos. Marketing teams need to streamline project management by putting in place a central source of truth that fosters on-brand collaboration and focuses the output.

Interested in learning more? Watch the full discussion from the MarTech Conference, where Leya and Ryne discuss the art form that is finding the balance between efficiency and brand consistency.