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Ever Change Your Logo? Who Knew?

As your brand evolves, renovation of brand assets is a given. The logo gets a makeover. The font gets thicker.

What usually doesn’t accompany brand asset change is a consistent message to your partners and marketing teams that lets them know they should "Stop using that, start using this." Pretty soon, when someone needs your content and they head to Google images, they encounter something like you see above.

Making your customers, partners and the press aware of your company brandfolder ensures they aren't getting the old stuff, or stuff that you never even made. Brandfolder’s visual display and search gives you control that lets your brand asset users skip the confusing deep-dive through nested folders and zip files. It leaves behind instances of old, non-compliant brand asset use.

Here are tips for managing changes to your brand assets with your brandfolder:

  1. Notify your users about the change, but don't bother including the asset files in the message where they become just more in a sea of email attachments. Direct them to your brandfolder so they know it's THE place to check for the latest and greatest of your company’s brand assets. Weeks or months from now when they need to use it, they won’t have to dig through emails (because they won't - they'll email you instead), and you won’t have to put a brake on your productivity to re-send them.

  2. Include the start-date of the new logo in the Usage & Guidelines field for added assurance to your users that they have the right asset. Ex.) "Last update to logo design: xx/xx/xxxx ... "

Bonus points if you include “Changes from previous” notes in your Usage & Guidelines!

  1. Take down the previous version. Remember: They will only use the right stuff if they can find it. Your brandfolder is the superior platform for showing off and distributing your current compliant brand material. Don't let it look like your Google image results.