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Introducing "Follow" for Brandfolders

Earlier this month we released Event Feed, and our 2nd major feature release this month builds on top of that: Follow for Brandfolders.

Every Brandfolder (including free ones) now have the option for users to "follow" them. When a user follows a Brandfolder they'll be signing up to receive a single weekly digest email with updates for all of the Brandfolders they're following. We turned this new feature on for all existing users, but feel free to "unfollow" by visiting your Brandfolder and clicking on the green envelope next to your name.

Every Monday we'll be sending out emails to all followers that include the latest activity (for Admins only), and any assets that were added in the past week. Brand owners can make sure their updates are being sent out so that designers, journalists, and everyone else using your brand are always in the loop for things as big as a rebranding to those mobile app screenshots that are constantly being updated.

For agencies, it's a way for their clients to automatically get updates when the agency is delivering brand assets.  For creatives, it's a way to stay coordinated across the team in a "digest" fashion without a ton of email chatter.  For marketers, it's a way to make sure that the PR team, sales team, and social knows when any asset has been updated.

Not to mention, PR folks, bloggers, and everyone else involved with your brand can now follow the Brandfolders of brands they cover and get notified any time there are changes.  Businesses could also follow the Brandfolders of companies they want to pitch to prevent an unnecessary distraction by presenting an outdated logo.

We’d love to get your thoughts on the new feature in the comments below or via email to