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How Brandfolder Improves Marketing and Creative Resilience

Whether you’re starting a new job or moving to an unfamiliar city, change is hard — but the ability to adapt quickly and easily is the key to thriving no matter what. Today’s social, political and economic climate is changing faster and more dramatically than ever before, and brands must learn to shift their marketing and creative strategies accordingly without missing a beat.

Maintaining this level of brand resilience isn’t easy, especially when budgets and resources seem to be shrinking. But with the median price for poor brand agility coming in at a whopping $700,000, the juice is definitely worth the squeeze. And digital asset management (DAM) is here to help!

Research shows that DAM users rate their brands’ ability to respond to change more highly than others. More than 80% of teams also say that DAM is the most helpful tool for improving marketers’ and creatives’ ability to adapt. But not all DAMs are created equal.

We’re digging into the specific challenges getting in the way of brand resilience and how Brandfolder’s industry-leading DAM platform powers agility through easy asset discovery, streamlined collaboration, robust permissioning and so much more. Download this short doc to learn why notoriously resilient brands like Zoom, Lyft and P.F. Chang’s choose Brandfolder!