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How to Collect User-Generated Content (UGC) with DAM

Sometimes the best person to tell the world about your brand isn’t you or even someone on your team. Your customers’ stories about your brand and its impact on their lives can be the most relatable, personal and ultimately valuable marketing assets today. But, you can’t create them on your own.

Sharing user-generated content from influencers on social media channels is great, but how do brand’s get value by including them within their marketing strategy?

With customers spread across the world, collecting their stories (and the content they’re creating) can seem near impossible. As it turns out, user-generated content has never been more important, and now collecting it has never been easier.

Efficiently collecting content both internally and externally is a core component of digital asset management, and it can be done simply (and securely) with a feature called guest upload.

Brands can provide a unique guest upload link to community managers, influencers, or whomever has an eye out for your content. Using that link, those sources can easily submit files of any type for review and put to use however you see fit.

With that in mind, watch our solution spotlight or read along below to see how user-generated content is easily collected and leveraged as brand assets with Brandfolder’s Guest Upload.

Welcome to Solutions Spotlight. Today, we’re taking a look at how Brandfolder’s Guest Upload feature can help you manage the logistical and technological challenges associated with user-generated content.

When it comes to content, quality is king. But, as file sizes go up, email limits are reached and FTP servers are slow and cumbersome. Providing a seamless upload experience to capture RAW files will get you more, higher quality content.

With Brandfolder, collecting all those stories is easy, fast and reliable for you and your customers. Simply create a guest upload link, select where you’d like the uploads to land, add an optional message, and send it out to anyone you like or embed it in a beautifully designed landing page.

Your customers can simply drag and drop or select files from popular cloud storage providers like Google Drive, Dropbox, and Box.

From there uploads will be auto-tagged, appended with metadata, like usage rights, and made immediately searchable. You even have the option of placing them in a pending state prior to approval, to weed out low quality or off-brand content before it’s used.