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Media Bridge Levels-Up HubSpot and Brandfolder Connection

Creative is the most effective way to connect with your audience in today’s digital landscape. Images, video and audio content is critical to the success of your campaigns. Now brands can link that content directly into HubSpot via Brandfolder Media Bridge.

Keeping content on-brand, up-to-date and organized across customer experience channels has remained largely a painful, manual process. At scale, those touchpoints become near impossible to manage.

Maybe you’re already familiar with our existing integration that allows easy, bi-directional syncing of content between where it’s stored in Brandfolder and where it’s built into campaigns in HubSpot. While this is still the case, we decided it could be even better.

The new integration built on HubSpot’s Media Bridge adds new layers of functionality to the way you create these on-brand experiences. Below is a quick rundown of how engaging content is better managed by connecting these two powerful platforms through Media Bridge.

How It Works

With Brandfolder’s Media Bridge integration you can create on-brand customer experiences, across sales and marketing channels.

Here are a few key features of Brandfolder’s Media Bridge integration:

Sync Brandfolder with HubSpot - Linking between Brandfolder and HubSpot makes it easy to use your latest assets at scale. When you update an asset in Brandfolder, Hubspot will automatically reflect the new version wherever it’s linked.

Embed and customize media - Seamlessly drag and drop assets directly into web pages or emails in Hubspot.

Measure engagement - Find out which Brandfolder assets your contacts engage with, when they access them, and use this information to understand which creative is making an impact.

How It Gives Teams Time Back

Prior to the HubSpot and Brandfolder integration, if a marketer wanted to insert an image into a HubSpot campaign, they would have to aimlessly search through media libraries, Google Drive, or desktops.

If an asset wasn’t in the right format or size, they’d then have to reach out to the creative team to resize and format it–causing even more delays launching the campaign. After waiting for the right asset, they’d then have to upload it into HubSpot and insert into the campaign.

With Brandfolder’s single source of truth, creatives can spend more time doing the work that matters rather than simple, repetitive tasks and marketers can automatically access the right assets for the right campaign at the exact moment they need them.

The Brandfolder and HubSpot integration helps marketers and creatives take their days back and helps teams build smarter, more scalable, and personalized campaigns quicker than ever.

How To Get It

Getting the most out of your content is too important to neglect. And now, the ‘where’ and ‘how’ you manage it all no longer needs to be siloed. Integrating HubSpot with Brandfolder provides new opportunities to streamline the creation of, and increase visibility into, on-brand experiences. The integration built on Media Bridge aligns sales, marketing and support teams with cohesive use of content for more engagements.

Want to learn about how the combination of Brandfolder and HubSpot can supercharge your customer experience? If you’re already a customer of both platforms, contact Brandfolder support ( to install the integration.