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Integrated Brand Campaigns: Intro Post

“One can often trace the sources of a brand personality—here it is the advertising, there the pack, somewhere else some physical element of the product. Of course, the personality is clearest and strongest when all the elements are consistent.” Stephen King, former JWT executive

It’s no secret that we are a fan of branding. We always tend to cheer for the underdog, which is exactly what branding is when compared to its heavy-weight siblings like advertising, public relations or customer service. Now, by no means do we intend to demean these, or other disciples in the marketing world. They are obviously quite important. Our objective, however, is to start to bring attention to the growing significance of maintaining brand consistency, especially in an age when digital media is so fragmented.

“Integrated Brand Campaigns” is a series of blog posts highlighting marketing campaigns we’ve noticed that do a particularly good job of keeping the brand–and the message behind the brand– consistent across various forms of traditional and digital media.

It’s our way of showing our appreciation for these brands, which are acting as leaders and advocates for those around them, that haven’t fully realized just how important or impactful their brand can be.

We also hope to pull out some tips for you along the way, so that you can apply them to help evolve your own brand.