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How to Make the Most of Boulder Startup Week 2014

Boulder Startup Week starts on Monday, and for those who are unfamiliar, it's five days jam-packed with tech and startup events all over Boulder. Having gotten our start at Techstars Boulder, the community holds a special place in our hearts.

Here are our tips on how to make the most of Boulder Startup Week:

  • Plan which events you want to go to. Be sure to check out the schedule and register for events in advance. Many hit capacity quickly, so it's important to have your name on the list.
  • Prep a backpack. It sounds a little like high school, but you'll want to have your laptop/tablet, paper and pens for taking notes, and a way to carry all the schwag they'll be handing out, or the stuff you've got to give away.
  • Don't forget your charger, and maybe your hotspot. Carry a charger for your phone and laptop. People with dying phones seems to be an epidemic at events like this when everyone is tweeting, checking in, using maps, and checking the schedule. Don't get caught without a way to juice yours back up. Also, if you have a portable hotspot, it's handy to have - there's not always wifi at every venue, or sometimes the internet that is available drags because of the traffic.
  • Take a jacket and a water bottle, and wear comfortable shoes. No, you won't be going for a hike (though that is one event option) but you will be walking between events, sometimes up to a mile or so - particularly if you go to the startup crawl.
  • There's a possibility of snow on Monday, but it may be sunny and hot on Wednesday. Pack a jacket, carry a water bottle, consider some sunscreen, and be ready to be on your feet a lot - many events may be standing room only.
  • Take your business cards, laptop stickers, and t-shirts. Definitely have a card to hand to people you meet. Even if you're not there repping a company or are simply job hunting, get some cards made with your email address. If you've got company schwag, have it on hand to give away.
  • Get on Twitter. Follow @bldrstartupweek and use the official hashtag, #bsw14.
  • Get to events early. As we mentioned before, many hit capacity and are standing room only by the time they start. If you want a seat, get there 10-15 minutes early, and take advantage of the extra networking time.
  • Carry your ID. There will be beer at many of the events. You may or may not get carded, but it's a good idea to have it with you so you can try some of Boulder's excellent craft brews. (Also the second reason to carry water with you. And maybe breath mints.)

We'll see you in B-town next week!

Startup Week veterans, what tips would you add to the list?