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Shopify and Brandfolder Streamline the Use of Assets Across E-commerce and Marketing

Brandfolder and Shopify may seem like an unlikely pair, but together they will reduce the amount of time required to update product listings, increase brand consistency and equip teams with the most up-to-date assets. With the surge in online shopping and digital advertising, many marketers struggle to locate and distribute the correct assets when introducing new product offerings or marketing activities. At the same time, teams of all sizes find that manually downloading and uploading assets can also be labor-intensive and increase the likelihood of accidentally using incorrect or inappropriately tagged assets.

Shopify is a leading e-commerce platform where customers can quickly launch and operate a business on a user-friendly platform that requires minimal setup and is trusted by over 1.7 million businesses worldwide. This is why the Brandfolder product and engineering teams have been hard at work to deepen an existing connection with Shopify. We’re very excited to bring you a new way to take advantage of your Brandfolder within the Shopify platform.

Combining the all-in-one e-commerce platform with Brandfolder’s powerful and intuitive digital asset management software systems will streamline the use of digital assets across online stores, landing pages and promotions. By enhancing the connection of our integration, we can further empower users to fully manage content for their e-commerce websites directly from Brandfolder.

If you want to see this integration at work, click the video below to watch.

How it works:

It requires little to no technical knowledge to create an online store using Shopify and start selling to customers via an online store, mobile apps or point-of-sale. However, those touchpoints require uploading content into Shopify and distributing across channels and vendors seamlessly for users to work effectively.

This integration for Shopify copies over images from your Brandfolder directly into your Shopify store so you will have immediate access to all of your brand content right at your fingertips. Quickly search, find and leverage product and marketing assets from Brandfolder to build engaging and powerful e-commerce experiences in addition to the following capabilities:

- Search, place, resize, and crop images to build on-brand content: Once you’ve found the assets you’re looking for using Brandfolder’s AI-enhanced search and advanced filter logic, getting the proper layout and design is a snap.

- Place content directly into your Shopify store: Deliver elevated e-commerce websites with high-quality, impactful and on-brand content straight from your Brandfolder.

- Use custom fields for any SKU: You can search custom fields attached to assets in Brandfolder directly from the Shopify integration panel.

How to get it:

Are you interested in maintaining brand consistency across your store and eliminating the struggle to find assets for your products? Talk to your account representative about setting up Brandfolder and Shopify.

If you’re already a customer of both platforms, visit the Shopify app store or contact Brandfolder support ( to install the integration. To maximize Brandfolder with other essential business tools, learn more about our other integrations below.