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3 Essential Questions to Help Retailers Stay in the Game

Did you know that global retail sales are expected to reach nearly $30 trillion this year? Yes, trillion — with a T! However, with so much market uncertainty afoot, retailers are under more pressure than ever before to outperform the competition and claim their slice of the pie.

Finding their way to the front of the pack will require retail brands to focus on honing three specific skills:

1. Resilience: In today’s fast-paced and ever-evolving market, it’s no longer enough for brands to move quickly in one direction — they must also have the ability to quickly switch gears without skipping a beat. 2. Scalability: Timeliness and relevance is everything in marketing, and with new channels popping up almost every day, empowering teams to deliver personalized, on-brand assets at scale is mission-critical. 3. Efficiency: With 75% of 2023 marketing budgets either being cut or staying flat, figuring out how to achieve more with less is no longer an option even for the biggest and most successful teams.

Wondering how to create successful retail business strategies for your brand in these three key areas? We’ve got you covered! Our latest doc has three questions every retailer should ask themselves to figure out whether they have what it takes to crush the competition and position themselves for victory.