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Twitter Best Practices: Most Engaged Brands

Unless you’re running a (super expensive) promoted tweet campaign, it’s always a crap shoot when it comes to how many people you’ll reach on Twitter. But that’s not to say it can’t be done. In fact, several brands are doing a fine job of engaging.

An infographic from Nestivity lays out the top 25 most engaged brands on Twitter, based on 739,000 tweets over a month. The top 5:

  1. Notebook of Love
  2. Disneyword
  3. ESPN
  4. PlayStation
  5. Disney

Take note: The top 10 most prolific content creators post every six to 20 minutes, but none made the most engaged list. And, although the top 25 most engaged brands have more than $1 million followers, so do 70 percent of the least engaged.

Bottom line: Find the type of content and frequency that works for your audience.

via Mashable.