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Brand automation isn't yet a common term used by marketers and brand managers, but increasingly marketers are seeking solutions to branding inconsistencies, production bottlenecks and the sheer volume of creative now needed for proliferating marketing and communication channels. Brand automation is the process of using technology to automate manual yet predictable on-brand marketing tasks associated with the production process. What does a leading brand automation platform provide? Read on to learn more.

Powerful production of creative assets

Brand automation, at its most basic level, takes existing brand and marketing assets and automates the placement and use of these within a template framework. The template framework means users without design software or skills can produce collateral, on-brand.

Basic Template

Serve personalized creative through the right channels

Brand automation goes further than merely applying the right colors or logos based on a user profile; it produces assets based on data sources and data sets without manual set up or intervention. This powerful feature enables users to produce an enormous volume of work quickly, straight from the single source of truth - usually a CRM or marketing automation platform.

A brand automation platform doesn't automate the brand experience, but it does make it easier for you to manage and influence brand perception through the creation of the right collateral, personalized and served through the right channels.

Brand Automation Platform

Cost-effectively create digital assets at scale

A brand automation platform takes your carefully crafted branding and visual identity, your tailored messaging and your key outputs and combines these to produce creative at scale. This is one of the most cost-effective ways to help your business produce localized content at the speed and scale your business needs to keep up with market demand.

Creating at scale

Enable non-creatives to self-serve

Brand automation allows teams within your business to self-service, for them to create collateral without needing to be weighed down with design request processes and brief-writing. Because brand automation allows marketing production at scale, it is cost-effective, ensuring the team produces more collateral without needing to grow the graphic design team to handle an increased volume.

Changing the price in their region

Automating your marketing production

Automating your marketing production through brand automation allows you to deliver a return on investment both through saved production costs where you don't need to outsource production anymore, and through time given back to your inhouse design studio. Ready to see how it works? Book a demo with one of our consultants to learn how we can enable brand automation at your company.