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What We're Reading This Week: Patagonia's Tale of Friendship, Logo Design Metaphors and More

We’re on a constant quest to become more inspired and enlightened about the world of branding. As a result, we end up reading, watching and listening to a great deal of content each week.

We think it would be a shame not to share the things that inspire us, so here’s a roundup of the best content we encountered this week.

Creative Metaphors in Logo Design

Designers will love this three-part series from Smashing Magazine about fundamental creative strategies. Part 1 explains how symbols, metaphors and intuition play an integral role in conceptualizing memorable logos.

A Teenager’s View on Social Media

Understanding teenagers is hard enough, but marketing to them? Nearly impossible! We loved this post on Medium where an actual teenager shares his thoughts on social media. From Facebook to Yik Yak, he breaks down each channel and explains how teens really feel.

Finding Your Brand Strategy Sweet Spot

If you’re seriously committed to brand strategy, this article from Harvard Business Review provides an insightful approach to mapping your brand’s market positioning and finding its sweet spot amongst competitors.

How to Design a Logo That Rocks

This colorful Infographic from DesignMantic provides an easily consumable set of guidelines for designing a logo that rocks.

Just Another Reason to Love Patagonia

We saved the best for last; get a tissue handy because this one really got us. This heartfelt video tells the true story of a friendship between a man and his best friend, an adventurous and incredibly loyal dog named Denali. The Patagonia-produced video details how the two friends triumphed through the journey of life together, and it’s sure to make you shed a tear.

Denali from FELT SOUL MEDIA on Vimeo.