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What We're Reading This Week: Spotify's New Logo, Jurassic Park Typography & More

We’re on a constant quest to become more inspired and enlightened about the world of branding. As a result, we end up reading, watching and listening to a great deal of content each week.

We think it would be a shame not to share the things that inspire us, so here’s a roundup of the best content we encountered this week.

Spotify’s New Green

Have you seen Spotify’s new logo? We think the new shade of green is actually much more trendy and modern, but not everyone agrees. In fact, some people really don’t like it. This article by Mashable shows how some of the app’s fans have reacted on twitter.

Movie Poster Typography

Hopes&Fears dives into the topic of movie poster typography and explains how these designs are important for marketing. This article provides an insightful history behind the fonts used in movies like Jurassic Park, Pulp Fiction and Psycho.

Color Combinations for Designers

Our inner color nerd is inspired by this blog post by Canva, which includes 100 different color combinations that are suitable for designs in a range of categories such as food and drink, travel, and everyday items.

Big Brand Logo Redesigns

This visually appealing post on Medium goes through the ins and outs of logo redesign. With over 30 before and after examples to compare, this post provides a comprehensive overview of what makes a logo flourish or fail.

Visual Design Language

If you’re interested in the psychology behind design and branding, this post by Fast Company about how the brain interprets visual language is sure to entertain you.