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Workspace: A Better Way to Collaborate On and Organize Creative from Start to Finish

Taking projects from concept to completion at the speed and volume required in today’s digital-first world has magnified common roadblocks such as shifting deadlines, priorities and ownership.

Brands looking to scale are finding ways to turn chaos to coordination; the introduction of Workspace now gives marketing and creative teams that power, with greater ability to collaborate on projects to and through completion, directly within Brandfolder.

What it Can Do

While Brandfolder’s digital asset management (DAM) provides the best way to organize a brand’s completed content, that efficiency now extends to work-in-progress projects. With Brandfolder’s Workspace, creative and marketing teams have greater visibility and control over production workstreams and can more easily manage progress across multiple projects.

Combining the best features DAM has to offer with creative workflow tools enables brands to maximize access and organization from production to distribution. Brandfolder Workspaces provides an intuitive, central source of truth to streamline work in a few primary ways:

  • Manage the creative process
  • Provide and maintain creative direction
  • Streamline and parallelize content development

For creative teams

With Workspace, a creative project manager for an in-house creative agency can make sure teams are all on the same page with incoming requests, have access to all the important details and are on track with all established deadlines. The added visibility allows the creative team to take on greater volume, without losing pieces of the puzzle that inevitably fall through the cracks over email and spreadsheets, while tracking in-flight projects.

Ultimately, it all comes together to allow teams to provide creative direction while streamlining the content production process.

For marketing teams

Marketing campaigns range from small projects involving one or two people to cross-functional enterprise initiatives. The addition of Workspace means marketing teams of any size can centralize the steps needed to ideate, create, iterate and approve campaign assets, all from the same location they’re distributed, in DAM.

The ability to organize content on a campaign by campaign basis also means marketers can easily keep an eye on how the look and feel of a campaign is progressing. As the creative comes together, marketers can simultaneously build the rest of a campaign’s materials. With Smart CDN links, placeholders for work-in-progress content can be added to anything from emails to landing pages and updated automatically with the latest version once uploaded to Brandfolder.

Unlock Even More Power with Smartsheet

Integrate with Smartsheet– A Forrester Wave leading Collaborative Work Management tool – to level up your marketing and creative production with powerful automations, reporting and workflow capabilities. Keep your creatives in DAM and their creative tools without interruption, while allowing them to connect with and participate in the overall business operations your company manages in Smartsheet. This allows teams to better track budgets, manage resources, and report on KPIs in the context of larger business initiatives.

How to Get It

As a premium or enterprise subscriber to Brandfolder, you automatically have access to one Workspace and the option to upgrade to unlimited Workspaces. To begin streamlining content production with Workspace, existing premium and enterprise customers should contact support ( You can learn more here; and customers with basic plans should reach out to level-up their account. Just learning about Brandfolder and what DAM has to offer? Get a first-hand look with a free demo.

Looking for more tips and tricks on how to manage campaigns better? Download our ebook about keeping campaigns and teams on the same page.