Collections: A Better Way to Organize and Distribute Assets

by Brandfolder

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From sharing a public press kit to organizing private design files, your asset management needs are dynamic.

That’s why we created collections: a new enterprise-only feature which makes it easy for admins to create and share customized groups of assets. Whether you make your collection public or private, the rest of your private Brandfolder will always remain hidden from view.

When to Use Collections

How do you know when you should create a collection instead of simply sharing your Brandfolder? It all depends on who you’re sharing with, and what you want them to see.

Collections are made up of assets already in a Brandfolder. This means that admins and collaborators of a Brandfolder automatically gain access to all of its collections — no invitations necessary!

Create a collection if:

Here’s how to get started with your new collection:

Creating a Collection

First, select the assets you’d like to include in your new collection. Once you’ve selected every asset, choose the option which says “collection.” Then you’ll be prompted to name your new collection.

Once created, collections can be easily managed from a drop down menu in your Brandfolder’s header.

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Adding Guests to a Collection

Invite guests to a collection when:

Once invited to a collection, guests are only able to view and download its content.

Get Started with Collections

This new feature is designed to make organizing and distributing assets more efficient for enterprise clients.

If you’re interested in using collections with your existing Brandfolder, please contact us at to learn more.

For more detailed information on collections, head to our knowledge base page about how to use collections.