Whether you want to streamline your workflow, connect to cloud storage, or track events and analytics, Brandfolder’s platform offers many integrations to strengthen your digital asset management capabilities. Find your perfect integration partner below.

Adobe Illustrator

Place files from Brandfolder directly into Illustrator to streamline your content creation process.

Adobe InDesign

Place files from Brandfolder directly into InDesign to streamline your content creation process.

Adobe Photoshop

Place files from Brandfolder directly into Photoshop to streamline your content creation process.

API Integrations

With Brandfolder's public API and various integrations, the options for custom applications are endless.

Adobe Experience Manager

Brandfolder plus Adobe Experience Manager gives teams more control then ever over their digital asset workflow.


Empower your sales team to easily locate and share brand assets from within their Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software.


Quickly select assets in Brandfolder for use in the Contentful headless CMS. Install the extension and try it out.


Quickly attach or embed files from Brandfolder in an email, all while inside the Gmail interface.

Google Analytics

Add Google Analytics tracking to your Brandfolder to keep better tabs on all of your digital assets.

Google Apps

From docs to sheets and beyond, add files to Brandfolder from your favorite Google applications.


Integrate Brandfolder with Highspot, the highest customer-rated sales enablement platform with the highest rep adoption.


Authorize all of your organizational users through IBM's Cloud Identity Connect.


Access Brandfolder assets from inMotionNow to streamline the review and approval process of creative content. Once finalized, store and share assets via Brandfolder.


Connect Brandfolder with Hubspot to integrate assets seamlessly between the two platforms to help power email and landing page content.


Create and disseminate on-brand marketing materials by leveraging PrintUI's InDesign Server solution for online InDesign template editing.

Jira by Atlassian

Combine Digital Asset Management to your existing organizational workflows via Brandfolder's JIRA app! The Brandfolder app provides push and pull integration with your DAM, the source of truth for all brand assets.


Lilypad’s end-to-end CRM designed specifically for beverage and CPG companies now houses your Brandfolder assets as the core asset storage mechanism in the platform.

Microsoft Active Directory

Connect Brandfolder with your Active Directory to make your assets accessible via a Single Sign-On (SSO) environment.

Microsoft Office

Drag and drop files from Brandfolder directly into the powerful suite of Microsoft Office applications.

Microsoft Office 365 Groups

Track who's using your assets in real-time via an event feed in your group.


Leveraging Okta's cloud security technology, Brandfolder users can access their assets from any device, anywhere.


Empower your sales team to easily locate and share brand assets from within Salesforce.


Security Assertion Markup Language allows Brandfolder users to use one login for their networks, systems, and favorite online applications.


Support for Single Sign-On allows Brandfolder users to use one login for their networks, systems, and favorite online applications.


Connect your Brandfolder to Slack to enhance communication and collaboration around your digital assets. Receive real-time notifications and import or save files directly to your Brandfolder from Slack.


Brandfolder’s integration with Templafy lets you find, view and embed assets from your Brandfolder DAM directly into templates, without ever leaving the Templafy interface.

Now anyone can integrate, automate, and innovate. Empower your citizen automators to grow your company faster. No dev resources required.


Access files in Brandfolder for use directly in Sketch. Download the plugin now and get started using your digital assets inside of Sketch.


Brandfolder's InDesign Templating solutions allow designers to create editible, on-brand templates in Adobe InDesign that can be manipulated by non-designers directly from their browser.


Brandfolder users can receive real-time notifications whenever any digital assets change within their Brandfolder.


Utilize Brandfolder assets in pages and posts, easily embed your Brandfolder on your site, and manage your Brandfolder directly from within your WordPress admin panel.


Brandfolder’s integration with Wrike allows you to automatically push Wrike project attachments directly to your Brandfolder without ever leaving the Wrike interface.


Connect Brandfolder to everyday cloud-based apps like Box, Basecamp, and Dropbox, among many others.


One platform with all the ecommerce and point of sale features you need to start, run, and grow your business integrated with Brandfolder's digital assets.


Easily connect Active Directory (and others) to Brandfolder. OneLogin's secure single sign-on integration with Brandfolder saves your organization time and money while significantly increasing the security of your data in the cloud.


Workfront provides cloud-based enterprise work management solutions for enterprise teams. With the Brandfolder integration you can set rules to have assets move into Brandfolder automatically with accompanying metadata.


Connect Marketo and allow usage of digital assets from within Brandfolder.

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