You Voted Us Voted #1 in Customer Satisfaction (You Really Are the Best)

by Brandfolder

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Have you heard us talk about our golden rule? If you haven’t, it goes a little something like “Build software as you’d like others to build software for you.” We might be paraphrasing, but you get the picture. Well, we take that rule pretty seriously around here, which is why we’re so honored that our customers voted us the #1 DAM for customer satisfaction.

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Remember when we were voted the #1 Easiest DAM to Implement last fall? Well, we might be a little more excited about this one, because it means you like us. You really like us! Brandfolder’s product team works tirelessly to listen to your feedback, tend to your issues lightening fast (we’ve also gotten high marks for our customer service), and provide you with a product that continuously gets better. The G2 Crowd reviews show us that, apparently, we’re doing OK at it. Thanks for letting us know.

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So, what else did the report have to say about the state of the Digital Asset Management landscape? Here are some highlights of what the G2 Crowd reviews showed.

  1. Images storage, sharing, and management
  2. Audio storage, sharing, and management
  3. Performance and reliability

We Pretty Much Got Straight A’s

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We Still Have the #1 Lowest Implementation Time

Yep, we’ll have you up and running in two weeks or less. Other DAMs on the market can take up to six months. When you need a DAM, you need it now. We understand that, so to meet that need we work extra hard to make sure you and your company are fully functioning users well within your two-week kick-off period.

Brandfolder Has the Fastest ROI of Any Top-Tier DAM

That means you start seeing a return on your investment in 10 months or less. With other DAMs, it could be a year or longer before you see those dollars roll in. Our timeline means you start getting the credit for bringing DAM to your company, faster.

Thanks again for your support, kind words, and your G2 Crowd reviews. Please continue to let us (and G2 Crowd) know when we do something right, when we slip up, and how we can make Brandfolder better.

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