Use Secret Links to Share Private Brandfolder Assets

by Brandfolder

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What if you could share a single asset from your private Brandfolder while keeping your other assets hidden? Now you can – with secret links.

When you share a secret link with someone who doesn’t have access to your Brandfolder, they’ll be able to retrieve the exact asset or group of assets you’ve sent them. Because this is a standalone link separate from Brandfolder, they won’t need to log in or sign up and the rest of your Brandfolder will be hidden from view.

Here’s what you can share with secret links:

Once you’ve selected the asset or group of assets you’d like to share, click “share” and you’ll be prompted with a new option to share links privately.

We’ve made sure that your private brand assets remain secure when sharing with secret links.

When you share a secret link, users can:

Secret link users can’t:

Get Started

Ready to start sharing private assets? Head to your Brandfolder and start trying out the new feature! Or, visit our Knowledge Base to learn more about sharing a single asset and sharing a selection of assets.