Effortlessly increase brand consistency and engagement in a uniquely visual fashion.

You've spent an enormous amount of time building assets, and they are likely stored across multiple cloud storage locations, hosting, and even employee computers. Combined with the #1 rated customer support in the industry, Brandfolder quickly gets your brand assets audited, organized, and working to build stronger brand engagement.

example of all assets stored in one place

A Dedicated Home for Everything

From logos to videos and jingles to press releases, when you have a single stored location for all assets, your organization can quickly update every instance of an asset with one click. We also store assets in a display layer, meaning no more folders of buried assets.

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Convert & Resize Assets Automatically

Eliminate the back-and-forth that accompanies asset requests by enabling your users to grab what they need, when they need it, no matter who they are.

resize assets
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Share & Distribute

Keep everyone, internal and external, on the same page by providing access via embedded assets on a website, single shared link, a collection and groups, or a saved search.

Brandfolder empowers you to automatically revise assets anywhere they are shared with one click. Your organization can update product photography throughout the web, launch a tentpole campaign with a custom logo, and even update shared active links sent years ago.

example of sharing assets through embedded links
example of analytics with brandfolder insights

Track & Analyze

Discover which assets are performing well, how they're being used, and who's using them.

Armed with this info you'll be able to test versioning, location, or messaging across all assets.

Brand Templating

Using the power of Adobe InDesign server, Brandfolder templating allows you to quickly customize and share marketing materials, from brochures to business cards, that are original and on brand.

example of Adobe InDesign being used for templating
showcase of all the brands integrated with brandfolder

Integrations Galore

Enhance your software stack through the power of integrations. Seamlessly access your digital assets in the applications you use most everyday.

With our public API and numerous out-of-the-box supported solutions, the options for custom applications are endless.