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Brand Intelligence

Make your teams more efficient with Brand Intelligence, our proprietary AI engine. Find content quicker, allow your teams to work on more strategic projects, and make your creative and marketing budget more effective.

Moving beyond basic auto-tags

Brandfolder's trainable AI makes product and brand-specific auto-tagging possible. Looking for images of just road bikes? Create a smart collection of assets containing only road bikes in seconds.

bicycles with AI auto-tags
bicycles handlebars with AI auto-tags
woman in blue dress
asset score example

Asset scoring and actionable insights

Brand Intelligence's asset insights and performance-based metrics, combined with ad-hoc models and third-party data, provide granular and precise analytics that help creative and marketing teams plan and design personalized campaigns.

Recognizing video scenes and speech

Brand Intelligence quickly interprets each frame of a video asset and provides granular auto-tags for quicker findability. Easily translate all audio and include it in your asset's metadata for even more advanced search functionality.

video of meetingtext extracted from videotags extracted from videotext extracted from video
user generated taguser generated taguser generated taguser generated taguser generated tagAI generated tagAI generated tagAI generated tagAI generated tag
swimmer wearing FINIS gear
FINIS assets in Brandfolder
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Brandfolder has enabled our distributors to search for anything and everything they need based on individual product lines. If they only need snorkel assets, they'll find everything related to that snorkel: studio images, usage images, tech sheets, graphics, and more.

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