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Rebranding to
stay relevant

Building defensible brands in the age of hyper-competition.

Chapter 01
Chobani, Coors Light and Fiji Water logos

How to differentiate in a crowded market

Brands like Chobani, Coors Light, and Fiji Water have successfully rebranded to differentiate their products from the competition. Here's how you can too.

Chapter 02
Harley Davidson logo

How to create a cult brand

Learn how your brand can create a cult-like following through the story of one of the world's most iconic brands, Harley-Davidson. Read more.

Chapter 03
Microsoft, Warner Brothers and Spotify logos

How to create a dynamic brand identity

Dynamic brands allow brand managers to consistently reinvent themselves and present fresh and contextually relevant versions of the brand. Find out how.

Chapter 04
IKEA, Uber and Airbnb logos

How to create an international brand

Learn how Uber created a “glocal” strategy to rebrand the company as a global platform for mobility and support international expansion. Read the story.

Chapter 05
IHOP, Kelloggs and Sephora logos

How to rebrand to change your brand positioning

IHOP faked a rebrand to change its market position. Learn how to rebrand to maintain your brand's core attributes and drop what's no longer relevant.

Chapter 06
Warby Parker, Away and Chubbies logos

What brand managers can learn from DTC companies

Learn how DTC brands Away Travel and Chubbies have leveraged user generated content to create lifestyle brands and grow despite rising advertising costs.

Chapter 07
Patagonia, Vungle and Trader Joe's logos

Rebranding around mission and values

Learn how rebranding around your company's mission and core values can increase brand loyalty and drive revenue growth. Read more.

Chapter 08
Chipotle, Livestrong and Malaysia Airlines logos

Rebranding in a crisis

Rebranding after a crisis is a sensitive matter. Learn how many companies have done so successfully and what you can do if your brand meets a crisis.

Chapter 09
LA Chargers, Gap and Pepsi logos

Rebranding disasters

Read about several rebranding disasters, including BP, RadioShack, and Gap, to help you avoid the same mistakes these companies made.

Chapter 10

Summary of key themes

A summary of the key elements of rebranding. Learn about the foundations, best practices, and what to expect during a rebrand.