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99 Essential Marketing Tools To Be Thankful For

Can you imagine your work day without a single marketing tool?

We can’t!

From growing our social media audience to achieving stronger team collaboration, we rely on so many platforms, tools, and apps not only to do our jobs, but to do our jobs well.

In honor of thanksgiving, Brandfolder’s marketing team decided to compile a list of essential marketing tools we’re thankful for. For your convenience, we’ve alphabetized this list and tagged each tool with one keyword. Some tools fall into multiple categories, but we used our best judgement to choose just one hashtag for each.

Just hit ctrl/command + f and type in one of these hashtags: #analytics, #content, #digital, #productivity, or #socialmedia to sort through the list.

If you spot a few tools you’re thankful for, show your gratitude by sharing this list!

1. Adobe Analytics

Analyze your marketing channels in real-time with detailed segmentation using this enterprise analytics solution. #analytics

2. AdRoll

Reach customers across all apps, browsers and social media with this comprehensive retargeting platform. #digital

3. Smartsheet

Efficiently collaborate with teams and manage projects using their advanced web and mobile apps. #productivity

4. Autosend

Add event-based email, push and SMS messages to your web and mobile apps with this simple tool. #productivity

5. Boomerang

Control when you send and receive email messages using this easy email scheduling app. #productivity

6. Brandfolder

Brandfolder by Smartsheet logo

Store, share, and showcase your important brand assets, and achieve a more consistent brand story with this powerfully simple cloud-based platform. #productivity

7. Buffer

Schedule, share, and analyze social media posts across all major channels. #socialmedia

8. BuzzStream

Research influential contacts, manage important relationships, and curate personalized conversations with this influencer outreach platform. #socialmedia

9. Buzzsumo

Identify top shared content and industry influencers using this handy content marketing intelligence tool. #socialmedia

10. Calendly

Stop playing email tag and start using Calendly to schedule meetings seamlessly with everyone. #productivity

11. Canva

Create beautiful images for social media, presentations, and blogs with Canva’s custom templates, photos, and easy-to-use design editor. #content

12. Charlie App

Make a killer first impression with Charlie App, the tool that gives you a detailed one-sheeter of everyone you’re going to meet. #productivity

13. Check My Links

Keep your website in perfect shape with this browser extension that scans your entire website for broken links. #productivity

14. Click to Tweet

Select a powerful phrase in your blog post, then add a click to tweet button to make it easily shareable by others. #socialmedia

15. Conspire

Unleash the power of your professional network with Conspire, the tool that leads you to the people, ideas and resources you need to supercharge your career. #productivity

16. CoSchedule

Easily schedule editorial calendars and collaborate with teams using this planning tool for content marketers. #content

17. Crazyegg

Optimize your website by seeing how visitors behave with this heatmap and activity insight tool. #digital

18. Dashlane

Keep all your confidential information in one place and auto-fill online forms using this password manager. #productivity

19. Email Hunter

Identify professional email addresses based on domain name and LinkedIn profiles. #productivity

20. Emma

Create, send and track email marketing newsletters and campaigns that drive brand awareness. #content

21. Evernote

Store your notes across all your devices and keep them organized through notebooks and tags. #productivity

22. Feedly

Organize all your favorite publications into collections based on themes and easily locate articles to read and share later. #content

23. Flickr Creative Commons

Take a stand against stock photos by searching through thousands of high-quality photos attributed with a Creative Commons license. #content

24. Flipboard

Discover and share the best content on the web with this content aggregation tool. #content

25. Followerwonk

Explore and expand your social network using this twitter analysis tool. #socialmedia

26. G2 Crowd

Compare similar software based on customer reviews and ratings. #digital

27. Ghostery

Accelerate your business’ site speed and clean up tags for an efficient and trusted digital experience. On the consumer side, see who is tracking you online and decide which trackers to block. #digital

28. Google Adwords Keyword Planner

Create search network campaigns by locating keyword ideas and offering estimates of their performance. #digital

29. Google Alerts

Discover and track interesting content by setting text or email alerts based on keywords. #content

30. Google Analytics

Gather all the website data you need to make intelligent marketing and business decisions with this comprehensive web analytics service. #analytics

31. Google Drive

Securely create, store, and share all your digital files with Google Drive. #content

32. The Great Suspender

Save memory with this Chrome extension that automatically recognizes unused tabs and puts them to sleep. #productivity

33. Hello Bar

Engage visitors and convert them into customers by implementing this handy notification bar on your website or app. #digital

34. Hemingway App

Streamline your content with this editing app, which helps you identify complex sentences and common errors that make your writing hard to read. #content

35. Headline Analyzer by CoSchedule

Write effective headlines that drive social traffic and boost SEO value. #digital

36. Hootsuite

Manage and measure your brand’s social media activity from one intuitive dashboard. #socialmedia

37. Hotjar

Better understand your web and mobile visitors with heatmaps, funnels, polls, and a combination of other tools. #digital

38. Hubspot

Attract visitors, convert leads, and close customers using this inbound marketing and sales platform. #digital

39. Hubspot’s Blog Topic Generator

Enter three different nouns and this blog topic generator will offer five useful blog topic ideas to use. #content

40. Influitive

Mobilize customer advocates for your brand, who are important for supporting marketing campaigns, referring new clients, and driving leads. #digital

41. Intercom

Send personalized emails and in-app messages to foster more direct communication with customers. #digital

42. iSpionage

Download competitor keywords and easily monitor PPC landing pages with the click of a button. #digital

43. Kapost

Manage every step of your B2B content marketing strategy with this content platform. #content

44. Keyword Tool

Locate unique keywords with this free online alternative to Google AdWords. #digital

45. Kissmetrics

Garner key insights and track timely interactions to make smarter marketing decisions and help turn visitors into customers. #analytics

46. MailChimp

Manage contacts, execute email campaigns, and track results using this comprehensive email marketing solution. #content

47. MakeMyPersona by Hubspot

Create customized buyer personas for any business using this step-by-step guide. #digital

48. Mention

Monitor web and social media conversations about your brand in real-time and keep up with important conversations. #socialmedia

49. Mixpanel

Track interactions from web and mobile customers and measure their engagement. #analytics

50. Momentum

Eliminate distractions and improve productivity with this personalized dashboard that displays your to-do list on new tabs. #productivity

51. MozBar

Easily access important SEO metrics and insights as you surf the web. #analytics

52. Oktopost

Curate, publish and measure social marketing efforts with this B2B social media management tool. #socialmedia

53. Open SEO Stats

Get access to Google PageRank, Alexa Rank, traffic stats, and page speed with this useful browser extension. #analytics

54. Link Explorer by MOZ

Research and check backlinks to locate top pages and identify link building opportunities. #digital

55. Optimizely

Personalize and optimize customer experiences across desktop, mobile and web apps with Optimizely. #digital

56. Pablo by Buffer

Quickly create engaging and effective social media images in just 30 seconds. #socialmedia

57. PageSpeed Insights

Analyze the content of your web page and receive key tips on making it faster. #analytics

58. Piktochart

Easily design high-quality infographics, regardless of your design skills. #content

59. Pocket

Search the web for useful, relevant content, then save it to Pocket so you can easily find it later. #content

60. Qualaroo

61. Quick Sprout

Get personalized tips for how to boost traffic on your website. #analytics

62. Quora

Use this question-and-answer resource for marketers to search answers to common industry questions, and to generate discussion by asking your own. #content

63. RocketFuel

Focus on the consumer journey and boost campaign measurement and performance. #analytics

64. Screaming Frog

Take advantage of this pay-per-click advertising, search engine marketing and website optimization tool. #digital

65. Scribe

Quickly optimize your content and build a larger content network through targeted influencer outreach, link building and overall strategy improvement. #content

66. Search –

Easily search through topics on reddit so you stay up to date with trends and engage in conversations within your industry. #productivity

67. SEMrush

With SEMrush, Get insights into your competitors’ digital strategies so you can analyze data and launch more effective campaigns. #analytics

68. Sidekick by HubSpot

Take the waiting game out of emails and get alerted whenever your emails are opened by the receiving party. #productivity

69. Simple Reach

Easily measure, optimize, and distribute your best content with conversion-driving tool, Simple Reach.

70. Site Explorer by Ahrefs

Explore and evaluate backlinks, research keywords, and stay up to date with your competitors’ digital marketing strategies. #digital

71. Slack

Use this modern instant messaging app to make internal collaboration and communication more efficient across your organization. #productivity

72. SlideShare

Use this content sharing tool from Linkedin, which has been proven to help marketers grow their professional community. #content

73. Snagit

Take high-quality screen grabs, add useful edits and share with anyone. #content

74. Spectacle

Move and resize windows to help create a custom internet surfing experience. #productivity

75. Sprout Social

Schedule social media on this platform, which will help you be more efficient at publishing and analyzing social posts. #socialmedia

76. Statista

Amp up your content with this database of statistics, studies and reports to help add credibility to your content. #content

77. Stock Up by Site Builder Report

Search through this stock photo site, which aggregates images from a variety of other photography sites and is constantly updated. #content

78. Sublime Text

Use this text editor for code, markup and prose to help you quickly edit complicated text in a short amount of time. #productivity

79. SumAll

Achieve better alignment between social followers and current customers to create stronger marketing campaigns that reach every corner of your audience. #socialmedia

80. SumoMe

From heat maps to content analytics, SumoMe is a suite of free tools that can be leveraged to grow your site’s traffic. #digital

81. SurveyMonkey

Use this easy-to-learn tool to create and publish powerful surveys that lead to deeper consumer insights. #digital

82. Todoist

Set notifications and deadlines with this online to-do list and task manager to increase productivity every day. #productivity

83. Toggl Time Tracker

Put the simplicity back into project management through detailed time tracking and reporting. #productivity

84. Too Many Tabs

Too Many Tabs is a browser add-on lets tab lovers create extra browser rows specifically for hosting extra amounts of tabs. #productivity

85. Trello

Become more efficient by creating cards for specific deliverables, then set due dates assign team members, and mark as complete. #productivity

86. TweetDeck

Easily manage multiple twitter accounts and organize personalized columns such as follower activity and news feed. #socialmedia

87. Uberflip

Manage content, measure performance, and generate leads based on every stage of the buyer journey with this content management software. #content

88. Unbounce

Build, publish, and test landing pages without IT and A/B test for powerful lead gen results. #digital

89. Undo Send by Gmail

Quickly take back an email with errors without anyone ever knowing. #productivity


Organize your inbox once and for all by unrolling all of your subscriptions into one single newsletter, and easily unsubscribe from unwanted lists. #productivity

91. URL Profiler

Audit links, content and social data to extract important SEO information and save time across your organization. #analytics

92. UserVoice

Gain valuable feedback, master product releases and build more efficient, consumer-centric products with this customer communication software. #digital

93. Vimeo

Upload, share and view brand videos with a supportive community of makers and creators. #content

94. Visage

Transform your data into beautiful chart and graph visualizations that can be created with your brand’s colors. #content


Access the world’s top designers to create premium content that’s both affordable and on brand. #content

96. Wistia

Host your professional video and take advantage of the marketing tools and video analytics available on Wistia. #content

97. WordPress

Customize your blog with this essential, easy-to-use blog and website hosting platform. #content

98. Yoast

Evaluate and optimize the SEO of your blog post with this helpful WordPress plugin. #analytics

99. ZenDesk

Create a more personalized consumer experience with this customer service software and support ticket system. #productivity