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Brandfolder Feature Roundup: February 2022

We’re clearly a bit biased, but Brandfolder’s latest updates are starting off 2022 with a bang. From a Chrome extension to 3D content optimization and deepened functionality with Smartsheet, we’re pretty jazzed. The best is yet to come, but we’re excited to share what we’ve been up to recently!

Life Gets More Convenient with a Chrome Extension

Are you one of the 3 billion people primarily using Google Chrome to do, well, anything on the internet? If so, we have good news: We now have a Chrome extension to make leveraging Brandfolder and all the content within it incredibly easy - even across web apps that don’t have a native integration. With the Chrome extension, you can now navigate, search, filter, crop and resize specific content. From there you can place assets from Brandfolder into any compatible website and just as easily upload assets to Brandfolder using the extension.

If you’re a Brandfolder user and are interested in learning more about any of these features, check out our Knowledge Base for more detailed tutorials.

Store, View, and Share 3D Assets

We’ve partnered with RapidCompact, a leader in 3D content optimization, to embed 3D support in Brandfolder. This integration will offer users a simple way to add 3D assets to Brandfolder, preview and rotate assets, create preset and customizable optimizations of 3D models for multiple platforms, and easily share them with partners or guests.

While some DAMs support 3D file types, most have a basic feature set that’s not as comprehensive as RapidCompact. Manual optimizations might take designers hours or days, however, this integration allows the same to be done in a fraction of the time offering companies more efficiency and flexibility for managing 3D assets.

What can users do with this new partnership?

  • Share 3D models with distribution partners via an optimized embedded link
  • Automatically pull in 3D metadata as custom fields
  • Access optimized files in Brandfolder based on RapidCompact settings
  • Adjust optimization settings within RapidCompact's UI

Empower Sales with Seismic

Content has never been more important to sales teams than it is now. With the rise of remote selling, content is vital to engaging customers, and understanding their needs. Brandfolder and Seismic provide sales and marketing teams a simple, seamless experience to discover and activate content that accelerates sales.

Users can upload assets to their Brandfolder and automatically sync their Seismic sales enablement account to streamline the movement of content from one platform to another. This eliminates the need to download and re-upload content but enables users to maximize the functionality of Seismic alongside their Brandfolder content to maintain a single source of truth.

Having access to assets at all times means that teams won’t waste time searching for content in other systems. Now they're able to easily personalize and collaborate on assets and have greater visibility into how assets are performing.

Smartsheet, Brandfolder, and Beyond

Combining Brandfolder’s world-class DAM capabilities with Smartsheet’s leading collaborative work management platform has led to a dynamic solution that manages workflows around content and collaboration, and enables organizations to break down silos, execute more effectively, and make better decisions faster.

We are excited to continue deepening the functionality between Smartsheet and Brandfolder with a number of new integrations that will be coming in 2022. To name a few, you can expect to see insights data, Smartsheet proofing, native access to Brandfolder, and collection assets directly in Smartsheet. These capabilities will further level up your marketing and creative production. With Brandfolder and Smartsheet you can:

  • Streamline digital workflows and asset use to accelerate go to market with distributed teams
  • Provide end-to-end visibility and work management to respond quickly to market performance
  • Prove marketing impact and efficiency with end-to-end analytics