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Canva and Brandfolder Streamline Custom Content Production

Greater personalization is a key component of growing a digital presence. And while everyone wants more of it, the volume of creative needed to support those efforts can leave teams buried. Canva and Brandfolder are here to help ease the burden. The two platforms, each with a passion for brand building, have come together to help streamline on-brand production and distribution of custom content.

How it Works

On one hand, Canva allows teams to create designs and templates for social posts, presentations and other forms of content while maintaining brand consistency. On the other hand, Brandfolder provides a centralized hub for managing, sharing and distributing approved content and creative.

With joined forces, the Brandfolder and Canva integration allows users to access all the best on-brand assets their DAM has to offer right from the Canva platform, pull them into designs and keep projects moving without missing a beat. And if you’re in Brandfolder first, stay there, you can send your Canva designs directly into Brandfolder to store, share, or embed on your website, just as you would any other asset.

Together, they streamline a brand’s ability to scale and launch projects, while making sure everything stays on brand.

How to Get It

It’s easy to see that Brandfolder and Canva are a match made in heaven that will make a marketer’s life easier. If you’re a Canva user interested in adding this integration to the way your teams use Brandfolder, learn more at our Knowledge Base and contact to have it enabled.

Want to learn more about how Brandfolder connects your teams with the tools they need? Visit our integrations page to learn how you can maximize Brandfolder with other important business tools.