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You Voted Us #1 Easiest DAM to Implement (We’re Blushing!)

We talk a lot about Brandfolder being simple to use and the easiest DAM to implement. In fact, we talk about it so much, you’re probably like, “enough already!” But it’s one of the pillars our brand is built on, and it’s something we feel strongly about protecting. It’s also why we’re so proud to share that in G2 Crowd’s Fall 2016 Implementation Index, we were voted Most Implementable Digital Asset Management platform. We also took home top honors in Fastest Implementation and Easiest Setup.

Download the G2 Crowd Fall 2016 Implementation Report for free here.

We’re proud because it was you, our clients, who voted us easiest DAM to implement. G2 Crowd’s DAM reports are packed with aggregated user data, testimonials, and ratings from the people who actually use DAM software platforms. So we wanted to say “Thank You.” Thanks for believing in simplicity with us. And thanks for reinforcing what’s important to you. Because it’s important to us too. So what exactly did our users say about us? We’re so glad you asked.

Seize the Data! Get the Full Report here.

1. Brandfolder Has the Fastest Implementation Time

By a lot. From the moment you sign on the dotted line to the moment your Brandfolder (like the Death Star) is fully operational, it’s about two weeks or less. Then, once you’re up and running, our Customer Experience team is there to answer your questions with a response time that might just give you whiplash.

“I started using my Brandfolder the day we got access! I had learned so much during our demo that I opted out of onboarding. It was that easy to use from day one.” — Beth “Brandfolder is a timesaver and headache-reducer. Support for Brandfolder clients is fantastic — very responsive, friendly, and knowledgeable.”

2. Brandfolder Has the Easiest Setup

Brandfolder received top scores for ease of setup. If you implement a DAM and it’s too difficult to set up, chances are, no one in your organization will want to use it. But according to Brandfolder users, setup, upload of assets and ease of use make this an easy sell to your colleagues.

“It’s easy to maintain and easy to use. Uploading and updating assets is quick on the back end, and our sales network can easily find what they need on the front end.”

  1. Brandfolder is the Most Implementable DAM This is the “Best Picture” award of the Implementation Survey. For being the easiest DAM to implement and each of the reasons mentioned above, we took home top marks again. Consider this post our “You like us! You really like us!” moment.

“We needed a better way for our global teams to access our assets, and [other DAMS] weren’t cutting it. Also, I know that the assets in Brandfolder are approved versus trying to find the latest and greatest AND approved assets behind our firewall.”

“We treat our Brandfolder as a “Single Source of Truth” for our brands.”

Want to See the Numbers for Yourself? Get the Full Report here.

You Don’t Need More Solutions, You Need the Right Solution

You could say we rage against the machine of “more.” Others in the space are telling you that you need more features, more implementation time, more staff, and more add-ons. We think that what you need is exactly what you’ve asked for. Thanks for the vote of confidence. We appreciate you.

Don’t have a Brandfolder yet? We’d love the chance to show you how much we believe in the power of simple. Click the banner below for a free quote.