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Brandfolder of the Week: HealthONE

On Fridays we like to feature a great, creative, or interesting Brandfolder. This week, we’re highlighting the HealthONE Brandfolder

HealthONE is the largest healthcare system in the metro Denver area with more than 10,000 employees. They have over a dozen different hospital brands under the parent company. They came to Brandfolder to figure out how to not only keep the brand assets organized, but get people to actually use the correct assets. Before Brandfolder their marketing materials were buried in Intranet sites that were not accessible to the people that needed them.

We helped the company build out Brandfolders for each of their brands and linked them all together so they can simply share one URL ( which gives anyone access to the other hospital brands.

Optimized for search

As part of being a Brandfolder customer, we're also making sure your brand assets are accessible by anyone. If you Google for "HealthONE Brand Assets" you'll notice their Brandfolder is the #1 result - go ahead, try it. We're continually improving our SEO efforts so that when people look for your brand assets, they find them. This prevents someone from grabbing the first result they find on Google Images. When was the last time you looked at what people are finding for your brand?