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How to Make Customer Experience an Extension of Your Brand

In the SAAS world, success is determined by your ability to keep your subscription customers happy. Putting a premium on customer retention has taught us a lot about what customer experience (CX) really is. CX starts the moment your prospect becomes aware of your existence and it extends through their decision to buy and use your product or service. To put it simply, our customer’s experience is directly related to the value of your brand.

Brandfolder is a leader in our industry, Digital Asset Management (DAM). And we’ve been voted the number one easiest DAM to implement, an accolade in which CX plays a huge part. That’s no accident. So today I’m sharing how we make customer experience an extension of our brand and how you can too.

1. Invest in Happy Employees

Your CX strategy has to start with your team. Happy and loyal employees create happy and loyal customers. Talk to employees at Under Armour. They have an undying loyalty to their brand and it’s showing in the market. Nike should be concerned.

Give your employees autonomy to do their jobs, and make sure you have a workplace and benefits that are evolving with the market. Most importantly, as a leader (in my case, as CEO), share your excitement about where the company is going, what it does, and why it all matters to your employees. Your excitement and encouragement to the team is invaluable and contagious.

2. Be Awesome at One Thing

You can’t be all things to all people — especially if you have a small team. So pick one thing and be REALLY good at it. Brandfolder’s “thing” is our ability to onboard a customer quickly. Just ask G2 Crowd. Implementing DAM can be disruptive, but it doesn’t have to be. Our team is built to get customers live in weeks (under two weeks, to be exact), not months.

Once a customer’s Brandfolder is live, our CX team is available to make sure that customer has everything they need to make the most of their Brandfolder from day one. Because when you need a DAM, you probably needed it yesterday. We get that.

3. Focus On the Little Things

The devil is in the details and differentiation can be created in areas you’d never expect. Two great things we’ve tried:

  1. Drizzly for Prospects — The fastest way for a vendor to make friends? Send them a case of Oskar Blues as a thank you or a ‘nudge’ for a cold prospect.

  2. Thank You Packages — That’s right, we use snail mail. We send cards that marketing teams can use to promote their Brandfolder internally and externally. Because what use is a DAM if no one knows that it exists, or how to use it?

  3. Be Good at Following Through - As an on-boarding strategy, “throw it over the fence” doesn’t really work. In our world, once a customer buys a Brandfolder, the real work of “Retention” begins. It’s important for us to get our customers up and running quickly with a configuration that hits their individual requirements. Our customer experience team ensures customer satisfaction throughout the relationship — that’s why we’re the best in the business. Want to learn more about how our CX team maintains a 100% revenue retention rate? Check out this blog from our Director of Customer Experience.

Come give Brandfolder a test drive. Get a free quote today. — Steve