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Organizational Branding: Do You Know Where Your Brand Lives?

If you've ever had the request for a copy of your logo from one of your partners or a PR contact or the countless others who might need it for use in an ad or other creative media, then you've got a need to standardize your brand management. Oftentimes, assets to your brand are "living" everywhere, on portable hard drives, on your server and in special folders, and although you might know all those locations, really, how organized is it? Can you access what you need quickly and efficiently? There are many entities who may need quick access to your brand assets, and here are few of the more common ones:

Partners - Your business partners and others working with your business need to be able to access your brand info quickly and efficiently. There are times you may not be around to access this for them. So how will they get the information they need? Agencies - Likewise, agencies you work with need quick access to information like your company policies, company information, or other data. Marketing Teams - Your marketing team needs to be able to get your important business assets in order to give the information to the press for a press release or other promotional strategies. Event Coordinators - Event coordinators may need to access your data in order to incorporate it within a scheduled promotional event or presentation. Media - The media should have access to important information about your brand in order to prepare press releases, announcements, and advertisements.

So how do all these disparate parties across your network easily access your official brand assets and information? You certainly don't want to give them access to your computer or online passwords, so what is your standard method for fulfilling all their requests?

Is your standard method for organizing and sharing your assets quick? Is it easily repeatable? And does it put your brand's best foot forward to all who are seeing those assets? These are some important questions to consider when thinking about this common workflow. If you would like more information on how to save yourself time and headache by implementing one, easy brand management standard into your daily routine, head over to!