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Web-to-print is cost efficient, sustainable, and on-demand worldwide with Ciloo, Brandfolder Integration

Today, as brands aim to reach increasingly global audiences, the ability to easily print materials hasn’t exactly kept up with the ability to distribute them digitally. To that end, Brandfolder has added Ciloo to our portfolio of integrations, making consistent and quality printed materials possible worldwide, while lowering costs and environmental impact.

Ciloo web-to-print software: How does it work?

With carefully selected print partners in 30 countries and counting, Ciloo connects brands with fast, consistent and quality printing from the closest location to where the materials are needed. Essentially, the software takes printing services from global to local, while maintaining the highest quality standard.

Printing with Ciloo is also greener; with long distance shipping out of the picture, brands can reduce their carbon footprint and expect their materials within a few days as a result of drastically reduced shipping distances.

The on-demand, web-to-print service offers a wide range of branded materials, from apparel to stationary.

Ciloo leaves marketing and creative teams to focus on designing and selling products, rather than coordinating shipments and managing a stockpile of inventory. The end-to-end efficiency of resources puts time back on your team’s schedule and dollars back in their budgets.

The Ciloo, Brandfolder Connection

Many creative and marketing teams are familiar with how digital asset management has streamlined the creation and usage of their brand asset libraries. Now, by integrating with Ciloo, that same efficiency and ease-of-use is extended to printing those assets.

With just a few clicks, assets can be printed and delivered, across the globe, within a couple days time.

By integrating with the Ciloo software, assets are ordered to print as they’re needed, straight from Brandfolder, making marketing and event functions more dynamic and less prone to errors.

Typically, mass printing from a single vendor (especially when shipping internationally) has been met with a variety of common complications. Delays, inefficiencies, and costly environmental impacts can make global shipping and print fulfillment a nightmare that ultimately undermines customer trust.

In addition to maintaining customer trust through a consistent brand experience, there are a variety of benefits that the web-to-print functionality of Ciloo combined with brand management of Brandfolder provides.

Some key benefits include:

  • Quality, quick and local printing worldwide and on-demand
  • Print directly from an approved library of assets in Brandfolder
  • Tight controls over print quality and consistency
  • Up to 80% reduction in print volumes with on-demand flexibility
  • Up to 50% reduction in total cost of printing
  • Up to 90% reduction of shipping distances, lowering cost and environmental impact

No matter how or where your brand assets take shape, the ability to ensure consistent customer experiences without sacrificing efficiency is essential to establishing an impactful brand presence.