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3 Things You Can Do to Build Your Brand Awareness

Are you getting the most out of your Brandfolder? Possibly not. What good is your beautiful repository for all your official brand elements if it's not available to everyone who needs it?

Here are 3 simple tips that take no time at all, to get the most from your Brandfolder:

Tip #1: Add your Brandfolder to all press releases, media, journalist, and blogger communications.

One easy way to do this is by linking to your Brandfolder in the footer of your press releases, right next to the press contact. If you work with an external PR or marketing agency, be sure they have an up-to-date Brandfolder to work from. Forget this step, and the risk is that journalists pull whatever images they find on Google Images into their story instead of your approved images, photos, videos and other brand elements.

Tip #2: Spread your Brandfolder internally.

Email your team anytime your Brandfolder gets updated. This helps keep people from using stale or unapproved brand elements throughout your organization. A prominent link on the company intranet / Salesforce (ask us about our integration options) also helps.

We have it on good authority that CEOs love Brandfolders. Our data shows that those who share their Brandfolder internally are 57 times more likely to be promoted in the 18 months following a company-wide Brandfolder initiative*.

*sample size of 1. Company studied: Brandfolder.

Tip #3: Link from your website.

Adding a simple link from your website (or using our embed options) will make sure partners find their way to your official brand elements. This also helps with search engine optimization - anybody seeking out your brand elements will find your Brandfolder at the top of the search results.

That's it! So, what are you waiting for? Get busy sharing your brand with the world and enjoy the sense of satisfaction that comes with a clear and consistent representation of your brand both online and off.