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Top 10 Most Organized Brands in the World (According to Brandfolder)

Did you know that marketers spend a whopping 62.5 hours per year searching for brand assets?

Despite this startling statistic revealed in our recent digital asset management study, the world’s most organized brands are achieving an optimal level of organization by using Brandfolder. To recognize these brands — who are revolutionizing the world of creative asset management — we set out to see which Brandfolders had the highest total numbers of visits, shares, and downloads.

If you want to read first-hand testimonials about how the world’s top marketing and creative teams use Brandfolder, don’t miss this list!

1. Sphero/ BB-8

“Brandfolder has been an integral part of Sphero’s business and has become a top resource in aligning our brand globally, especially with the launch of our BB-8. We rely on Brandfolder to keep our partners updated with the most up-to-date content and drive all partners to the site for information.”Morgan McQuay, Channel Marketing Manager at Sphero

2. Oskar Blues

“Brandfolder has made it ridiculously easy for us to share our logos, photos, posters, and POS with anyone who needs it – sales teams, distributors, press, or just any craft beer fan who wants some Oskar Blues-ness. It’s crazy simple to use, looks great, and makes us look like we have our sh* together which is always a plus.”* — Jeremy Farmer, Creative Marketing Manager

3. Slack

Slack’s marketing team was unable to provide a quote for this article. However, Slack uses Brandfolder to easily share brand assets with partners and press from their Brand Guidelines page.

4. Saris Cycling Group

“We use Brandfolder to share logos and other visual marketing assets with both media contacts and our incredible network of independent bike dealers.”Mary Hetrick, Content and Social Media Manager

5. STM

“Brandfolder is a no-brainer for any marketing team. Housing and sharing brand assets of all types is now incredibly easy. This is one technology that our entire global organization embraced overnight.“Adam Ziegelman

6. Shazam

“Brandfolder has helped revolutionize the way Shazam collates, maintains and publicises our brand asset library. With such a mainstream, globally recognized identity, it’s easy for partners to get lost in a sea of archived search engine results; Brandfolder helps us successfully avoid those embarrassing situations when old logos or product shots are used. As releases are deployed, marketing assets are updated and uploaded to the site, ensuring our PR executives & partners can access all the necessary literature and photography for maximum exposure.”Duncan Riley, Creative Director

7. FINIS, Inc.

Our Brandfolder account has made a huge impact for our internal staff, and external partnerships — all parties now have the ability to easily locate assets and circulate as needed. Our Brandfolder presence has also helped bridge the international gap and enabled our team to connect with desired markets outside of the US.”Rachel Westerhoff, Creative Manager at FINIS

8. Festool USA

“As Festool works with hundreds of dealers across multiple countries, we’ve had a difficult time giving our dealers easy access to new and updated content. Previously, our product images were poorly organized and subject to data crashes. With the help of Brandfolder, our dealers have all of our digital assets in one cleanly organized place. In the rare instances that we’ve needed help, Brandfolder team has been responsive and eager to get things handled.”Tyler Clark, Digital Marketing Manager at Festool

9. Precor

“Precor has an asset library spanning decades, which is great to have, but not great when you can’t find anything. Our previous DAM solution made finding assets difficult and tedious; we couldn’t find anything. Brandfolder has made it so much easier to organize and find assets — it’s almost fun to take a step back and look at all of the great marketing and creative material we have on file when it’s organized in such an accessible way.”Dani Wolfe, Corporate Communications Coordinator

10. Just Born

“Before Brandfolder, all of our assets were scattered throughout different folders and hard-to-use platforms including Dropbox and a shared drive. Now with Brandfolder, all of our brand’s imagery is easy to find, search, and share. My favorite feature is being able to quickly search by key term.”George Barton, Marketing Coordinator

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