A Simpler Approach to Brand Management

by Brandfolder

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In the first post of our Discussing Modern DAM series, we’re taking a deeper dive into brand management – something at Brandfolder we think should always be simple and straightforward.

Today, every business strives to build a solid brand that resonates with the rest of the world. In order to be successful, it’s important for businesses to adopt tools that can help them easily share their brand identity, both internally and externally. When surveying the traditional landscape of DAM providers, we’ve noticed a common theme: more is not always more.

It’s easy to get caught up in evaluating products based on a list of features and functionality, but here at Brandfolder we know our solution meets more than a series of check boxes. That’s why our DAM platform has been built to solve your brand asset management pain-points, with simplicity, ease-of-use, and speed in mind.


Albert Einstein famously said, “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but not simpler,” and we couldn’t agree more!

That’s why at Brandfolder, you get enterprise-level software with consumer-level usability. For example, we’ve abandoned the archaic use of folder hierarchies. Instead, we’ve incorporated the simplicity of tagging as an easier and more intuitive way to quickly separate or search for your most important assets.

In addition, we’ve built our highly-visual DAM platform with precise thought behind all Brandfolder features. If you’re curious to see exactly how, visit our Brandfolder to see the beautiful UX and UI hard at work.

Brandfolder gives you everything you need to confidently store, manage, and share your brand assets. Nothing more, nothing less.


Have you ever been dazzled by all the fancy functions of a digital asset management solution, only to be let down when you realize it’s just a lot of DAM noise?

We’ve been there.

Brandfolder was built specifically for marketers and creatives who need a one-stop shop that empowers them to standardize brand assets across all users. We haven’t added in additional functionality that doesn’t have a purpose. Instead, we’ve only included necessary (and useful) functionality that helps streamline the process of brand management.


One of the biggest headaches about traditional DAM systems is they can require weeks, if not months, to fully onboard. Who has that kind of time, especially in today’s world, where more is needed faster?

Brandfolder users can expect to be up and running inside our solution within days. DAYS!

We’re adamant about our software and the fact that it’s intuitive right from the start. And while we are more than happy to support your training needs, most of our users can easily create and share their Brandfolders on their own. We understand the importance of adoption and have utilized this mindset in every part of our development process.

Too Many Features, Not Enough Thought

Most DAMs claim they can do everything under the sun, but let’s be honest, is all of that really necessary? It’s time to ditch traditional DAMs and embrace the future. Brandfolder’s modern DAM solution can help you streamline your asset managment needs without the unnecessary features, bulky interfaces, and lengthy onboarding processes that make fully utilizing your brand assets a nightmare.

Simply put, Brandfolder provides a simpler approach to brand management. Contact us today for a quote and we’ll be happy to show you the way.

Jae Sung is a storyteller who’s obsessed with all things digital and the Digital Content Manager for Brandfolder, the simplest tool to manage, update, and share all your brand assets. She’s been a copywriter, SEO, and professional sneakerhead in previous lives. Follow her on Twitter for the latest in content marketing, branding, and tech.