A User-Friendly Guide to Digital Asset Management

by Jenay Sellers

In a work environment dominated by digital communication, having a go-to resource for digital asset management is truly more important than ever.

But according to CMO Council, “Only 27% of senior marketing executives have a process in place to aggregate, organize, and manage visual assets.”

This surprising statistic proves that a large majority of our marketing peers are missing out on the key ROI that comes with well-managed assets. In fact, Talentzoo.com says, “Research shows that businesses with well-managed, consistent brands are worth up to 20% more than those who aren’t.”

If you don’t belong to the 20% of businesses with well-managed brands, what are you waiting for?

The Need for DAM

From logos to brand colors, visual assets are core to strong customer engagement. However, these assets can actually hinder a brand’s growth if they’re used inconsistently and incorrectly by third parties.

For example, imagine you work in the marketing department at a popular technology company. Your recent feature launch is gaining traction like mad – no one can stop talking about it! This buzz causes an influx of press queries, and your inbox is full of so many asset requests that you just don’t have time to email every single person the brand assets they desire.

So instead, they search your brand on Google and find an outdated image of your logo from before you rebranded. All of a sudden, your brand ends up in globally-recognized news articles — with a logo from five years ago!

A brand’s visual assets are extremely expensive, unique and valuable – its important that marketers start treating them as such. Luckily, this is the exact problem that the right digital asset management solution can solve.

The Brandfolder approach

To achieve ultimate productivity and efficiency, the most successful marketers rely on digital asset management platforms. With the right DAM, marketers can distribute all brand assets from a single location, define clear usage guidelines, and achieve seamless workflows.

In short, DAM solutions transform the way your organization does business.

At Brandfolder, we understand the importance of a strong brand. In addition to better brand consistency, our solution can help you understand your digital asset inventory. Brandfolder reduces spend by decreasing asset duplication and providing insights and analytics into the assets working best for your brand.

Brandfolder empowers marketers and creatives with a single source of truth for all brand management operations.

Choosing a DAM for Your Brand

If you’re interested in learning how DAMs (like Brandfolder) can help your organization experience digital asset management bliss, don’t miss our newest eBook: A User-Friendly Guide to Digital Asset Management.

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