6 Famous Logos with Great Color Schemes

by Brandfolder

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Guest Post By: Creative Market

With the prominence of flat design, we’re seeing a return to bold, beautifully-colored logos. Crafting a great logo color scheme can be tricky though, so we’ve grabbed some of the most beautifully colorful logos around for your inspiration. Enjoy!

Quick Note: Stated hex values are the best approximation of the main color of an object. Designers can put in a lot of time shading and overlaying a graphic, so the color value is not necessarily the same for the whole logo.

  1. Google


One of the most important colorful logos of our time is of course the Google logo. There are slight gradients that make it difficult to call out individual colors for the letters, but these will get you in the ball park.

You can see variants of these colors used in most of their highly stylized Google doodles as well. The designers seem to have a little freedom to explore each hue in their doodles and not stick to a tight color palette.


  1. NBC

While their logo has seen a lot of change over the 80-plus years NBC has been in business, the color scheme has always been similar: bright, bold colors used in unison. It speaks to the diversity of not only its programming, but of its target audience.


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